Sunday, March 19

Work, work, work!

We have done little in the last few weeks but work (sometimes including nights and weekends!). Peter has 2 weeks left on his contract and then will be returning to retirement. He is looking forward to it.

My time has mostly been spent organising an intergovernmental meeting on statistical metadata that we're holding in early April. We are expecting about 75 participants and 30 papers to be presented. I should learn more about statistical metdata than I had ever imagined! French studies are also demanding a lot of time. I had a big exam last Friday, which I think went OK.

There are signs of Spring appearing as you can see from the photo taken in our garden. Thank god, because we are sick of winter! Our memories of last year's summer are keeping us going through the cold and gloomy weather. We just had the best weekend, with yesterday's temperature reaching 23 degrees. We played tennis (Peter won 6-0, 6-1) and then rode our bikes to Nyon, where we had lunch with friends. A huge day of activity!

Sunday, March 5

More Snow

It's another quiet weekend at home for us. I just opened the blinds to discover we had a huge amount of snow last night. Will it ever end?

From the cosiness of the apartment, it's really very nice. This pic is of the view from our 2nd bedroom/study. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, March 1

12 Months Old Today!

Our overseas adventure turned 1 today! We arrived in Geneva on this day 12 months ago - boy has it flown by.

Here's what the weather looked like this morning. To think, when we first arrived, everyone was telling us how rare snow is this time of year.

It's been a fantastic year. I really enjoy my job and we love living in Geneva. I can even speak a tiny bit of French now (we'll see how I go on that test tomorrow).

We've seen heaps of new places, met lovely people and had lots of Aussie visitors. Check out the Archives on the RHS to see what we've been up to.

PS It's also my Gran's birthday today - Happy Birthday Gran! Posted by Picasa