Sunday, June 7

Lisbon in March

I had to travel to Lisbon for a meeting in March, accompanied by my favourite bag carrier, Peter. While I was working hard, Peter was touring the Portuguese countryside. He went to some picturesque towns north of Lisbon and even enjoyed a stroll on the beach. In the evenings we dined out together, including a lovely dinner with my colleagues and a few Fado singers.

View across the countryside

Peter and the Atlantic Ocean

Jess and her boss at the Portuguese National Institute of Statistics
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Weekend visit to Tunis

We visited Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, back in February of this year. It was our first trip to North Africa. We stayed in the centre and spent Saturday afternoon exploring the Medina. Not much shopping, but Peter got a nice haircut for about AUD$5. On the Sunday we took the train out to Carthage and explored the ancient ruins.

Peter drinking the very sweet mint tea of Tunis

The Champs Elysees of Tunis

Jess exploring the ruins at Carthage
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