Saturday, February 24

Carnival time in Geneva

Geneva Carnival Colour came to the streets of a wintry Geneva today with the annual carnival.

Taking a stroll through the old town with Shane, a friend of Kieren's who has been staying with us this week, we stumbled across the carnival parade.

It was a rainy day, so the bright costumes, music and dancing were a welcome sight!

I took a short video of the salsa group.
Jess and Shane in the rain

Sunday, February 18

Some winter colour in Geneva

Winter colour

February in Geneva

Pregny in snowIt's been a quiet time since we arrived back in Geneva from our fantastic visit to Australia. Taking the train across Switzerland from Zurich airport back in mid-January, we had been expecting to see everything covered in snow, but nothing of the sort. There has been hardly any this season.

However...we did have one big snowfall in Geneva a couple of weeks ago. A nice thing for Fiona to see during her winter visit! She was so excited that she went outside in her pj's and rolled around in it. I imagine our neighbours think that Australians are a strange lot!

Jess and Fi racingFiona and Peter went skiing a couple of times, but I am yet to hit the pistes. Last weekend we did a bit of sledding in the nearby mountains.

We haven't been up to much else these last few weeks. Spending time with Fiona, catching up with friends, and a couple of short trips to Leukerbad and Basel.

Work has been hectic and I am coming to terms with being an online student (I'm doing a Masters of Science in Advanced IT and Business Management). Fiona crashesI have found a great deal of effort is required to participate in 'class' (online discussions) and I am learning a lot. My first exam is in a couple of weeks.

You should see a bit more posted here during March. We have a trip to Rome for work and a weekend visit to Budapest coming up.

Fiona and Peter in Annecy
Fiona and Peter in Annecy one Sunday