Sunday, April 24

The Beast

The BeastThe Beast
Our new Peugeot 206.....its small, but packed with extras. We love it!! This model is the "Black & Silver" edition and is not available in Australia. It has a glass roof, heated leather seats and automatic everything (gearbox,lights windscreen wipers, radio sound adjustment etc...)

Olympic Museum Lausanne

Cathy Freemans 400m gold medal shoesCathy Freeman's 400m Gold medal winning shoes from the 2000 Sydney Olympics. These are an Australian highlight in what is a very uncluttered and attractive museum...well worth a visit.

The museum is about the spirit of the Olympics and not who wins all the covers the winter as well as the summer games. Pierre de Coubertin (frenchman) is an amazing fellow who was responsible for the establishment of the modern games.

Geneva Weather

Versoix in Jan 2005
Versoix in April
In early April 2005

Before we left Australia a number of people delighted in sending us photos of a most unusual weather snap in Geneva. These were taken on the lake in a village 5 mins from where we live. We visited in early April and took a photo at the same spot - see comparisons above and note the T-shirt and lack of ice.

Friday, April 22

Happy Birthday Pierre!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.... Here's a photo of Peter on his birthday. He's wearing his new Australian wool jumper which arrived in the post from Judy - very snazzy!

Peter on his birthday For his first birthday in Switzerland, Peter wanted a well earned break from cooking, so it was my turn to organise dinner. As a surprise I had managed to find some reasonably priced Australian wine (not easy!) and thought we'd better have some Swiss food to go with it. Well, it doesn't get more Swiss than cheese fondue!

For those of you that feel inspired to get the old fondue sets out this winter - here's the recipe.

Thursday, April 14

Home Sweet Home

Our furniture and gear from Australia has arrived! It's great to have all of our own things again. Everything fits nicely into our apartment - I'm thankful for the large storage area downstairs!

We should get our new car tomorrow, so it's a very exciting week for us. We'll have to take it out for a spin on the weekend. It's pretty quiet in the city on Sundays so a good time to practice my driving. I'm a bit nervous about driving here, especially because the car is brand new!!

Our new IKEA outdoor table is finally outdoors now we have our furniture. The weather should improve soon and allow us to enjoy our lovely garden. The photo below is the view from our patio. It was taken on an overcast evening, so it's a bit dark, but hopefully you can see the Alps in the distance.

Mont Blanc is out there somewhere!

View of Alps from our terrace

Sunday, April 10

Annecy, France

Annecy, France

Annecy is about 56km SE from Geneva and is a great place to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. Bob & Zydre drove us there, and took us to lunch, to thank us for helping them move house on Saturday (any time!). It was a great day. Annecy is quite large (pop. 52,000) and is set on the crystal clear Lake Annecy. The town is apparently packed in summer, so we appreciated the opportunity to wander around the narrow cobblestone streets, without the busy crowds.

Lunch was great, the 3 course 'menu de jour' was about 28 Euros each and very yummy (restaurant is pictured above - under the blue awning on LHS). The markets were open when we got there, but in the process of packing up to head home. Most shops are shut in France (and Geneva) on Sundays, but there were a few of the more touristy spots open - mostly kitsch looking souvenirs though!

We wandered up to the Chateau, then around through the maze of little streets, to the other side of town. Saw the inside of my first European church - very nice!

As you can see from the photos, it was a beautiful sunny day, but so windy! It was about 10 degrees but the wind chill factor meant it was much colder. There's been snow again this weekend - you can see the it visible on the mountains in the distance. Apparently a rare thing to see snow here, even in December! It's supposed to be warming up again on Tuesday.

Lake Annecy, France

Canal in Annecy, France

Saturday, April 2

Loop walk from Chambesy to United Nations

Every morning, Jess walks to work & I accompany her - It takes about 20mins to get to the UN & then another 20 minutes to return home via a different route. These pictures give some sense of what is a beautiful walk through a small village, a rural setting, office complexes, the botanic gardens and stunning Lake Geneva.

The hill - very steep! Pity it's right at the start.

View back down the hill - towards Lake Geneva

Eau Potable - drink break at village of Pregny

A rather large house on a rather large block

American Embassy - sorry about the blurry photo, I had to take it quickly as didn't want to upset the armed guards

Back entrance to Jess's work - 20 mins walk from home

As Jess heads into work, I walk on into the Jardin Botanique (Botanic Gardens)

Inside the gardens

Walking alongside Lake Geneva - snow still visible on mountains in distance (LHS)

Home again - a nice 40 min loop walk