Saturday, April 2

Loop walk from Chambesy to United Nations

Every morning, Jess walks to work & I accompany her - It takes about 20mins to get to the UN & then another 20 minutes to return home via a different route. These pictures give some sense of what is a beautiful walk through a small village, a rural setting, office complexes, the botanic gardens and stunning Lake Geneva.

The hill - very steep! Pity it's right at the start.

View back down the hill - towards Lake Geneva

Eau Potable - drink break at village of Pregny

A rather large house on a rather large block

American Embassy - sorry about the blurry photo, I had to take it quickly as didn't want to upset the armed guards

Back entrance to Jess's work - 20 mins walk from home

As Jess heads into work, I walk on into the Jardin Botanique (Botanic Gardens)

Inside the gardens

Walking alongside Lake Geneva - snow still visible on mountains in distance (LHS)

Home again - a nice 40 min loop walk 

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amanda said...

Looks very pristine where you stay. What do their council's do over there? I only ask this as I can hear our garbage being collected whilst I am here - this is our first week under the new recycling regime so despite years of avoiding it, we have now succumbed (although we did manage to score 2x 'normal' bins for rubbish because we told a neighbour a sob story about how many nappies we had to dispose of - they didn't want theirs as they are in a unit & were going to send it back!). Good score for us. Now we are a 5 bin family - 2'normal', 1 recycle, 2 garden waste (our 2 green bins we had). Anyway better put Sierra to bed for nap. Cheers