Thursday, April 14

Home Sweet Home

Our furniture and gear from Australia has arrived! It's great to have all of our own things again. Everything fits nicely into our apartment - I'm thankful for the large storage area downstairs!

We should get our new car tomorrow, so it's a very exciting week for us. We'll have to take it out for a spin on the weekend. It's pretty quiet in the city on Sundays so a good time to practice my driving. I'm a bit nervous about driving here, especially because the car is brand new!!

Our new IKEA outdoor table is finally outdoors now we have our furniture. The weather should improve soon and allow us to enjoy our lovely garden. The photo below is the view from our patio. It was taken on an overcast evening, so it's a bit dark, but hopefully you can see the Alps in the distance.

Mont Blanc is out there somewhere!

View of Alps from our terrace


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessy,
I can't see the photo - is it just me?!!

Claire xx

Jess & Peter said...

I can see them so I don't think the problem is with the site. Anyone else have problems seeing the pics?