Sunday, April 10

Annecy, France

Annecy, France

Annecy is about 56km SE from Geneva and is a great place to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. Bob & Zydre drove us there, and took us to lunch, to thank us for helping them move house on Saturday (any time!). It was a great day. Annecy is quite large (pop. 52,000) and is set on the crystal clear Lake Annecy. The town is apparently packed in summer, so we appreciated the opportunity to wander around the narrow cobblestone streets, without the busy crowds.

Lunch was great, the 3 course 'menu de jour' was about 28 Euros each and very yummy (restaurant is pictured above - under the blue awning on LHS). The markets were open when we got there, but in the process of packing up to head home. Most shops are shut in France (and Geneva) on Sundays, but there were a few of the more touristy spots open - mostly kitsch looking souvenirs though!

We wandered up to the Chateau, then around through the maze of little streets, to the other side of town. Saw the inside of my first European church - very nice!

As you can see from the photos, it was a beautiful sunny day, but so windy! It was about 10 degrees but the wind chill factor meant it was much colder. There's been snow again this weekend - you can see the it visible on the mountains in the distance. Apparently a rare thing to see snow here, even in December! It's supposed to be warming up again on Tuesday.

Lake Annecy, France

Canal in Annecy, France

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Beck Pit said...

Hi jess and Peter i havent logged on for a while so really enjoyed reading what you have been up to. I loved the luzern photo with the bridge in the background i have an almost identical shot with Edward and I in it. Luzern was our first stop on our OS adventure in 2000. we arrived on sept 12th yes the day after the twin towers attack and decided that we would wait out world war three there!! thankfully we were able to continue on our journey. Jess hope you are still enjoying your job and are both having a great time exploring Europe on the weekends.
lots of love Beck