Monday, December 31

Another year gone....

It is hard to believe that we have been away from Australia for nearly three years! We still enjoy life in Geneva - the work is interesting, great opportunities for travel and the European lifestyle is rather pleasant. It's especially nice to now have family living here. After finishing her degree, Fiona moved here in December and immediately started work as a Pilates Instructor in the amazing Swiss town of Gstaad. Her workplace, The Palace Hotel, is something that must be seen to be believed!

Going back to uni part-time at the start of last year meant I had the perfect excuse to be neglectful of this web site. Hopefully some people are still visiting it from time to time!? To make your life easier, you can subscribe to receive the very occassional updates via email. Just enter your email address on the right there and click subscribe.

As has been tradition, here is a list of the cities we've stayed at least one night in during 2007. You will note it is shorter than in 2006 and 2005 (another bi-product of being a student). Still... we have managed to do quite a bit. Switzerland is really a terrific base for exploring Europe!

Rome, Italy
Budapest, Hungary
Vilnius, Lithuania
Kaunas, Lithuania
Šiauliai, Lithuania
Nida, Lithuania
Prague, Czech Republic
London, England
Vienna, Austria
Grenoble, France
Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Lindau, Germany
Schaffhausen and Rheinfelden, Switzerland
Zermatt and Interlaken, Switzerland
Halstead, England
Blarney, Ireland
Singapore, Singapore
Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia
Bangkok, Thailand
Champéry, Switzerland

New countries on that list are Lithuania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Thailand. We had six lots of visitors stay with us during 2007. Always a good way to boost the local tourism activities! Our year included a trip home to Australia in October/November to attend some family events: Claire & Dave's engagement party and Fiona's graduation performance. Being a quick visit meant there wasn't time to catch up with everyone, but hopefully that can be remedied when we are in Adelaide in November 2008 for Claire & Dave's wedding.

Wishing everyone a very happy new year!!

Cruising under the Charles Bridge, PragueHungarian Parliament
Belvedere Palace, ViennaTrakai Island Castle, Lithuania
Elephant ride in ThailandX-country skiing in Champery

Sunday, December 23

Merry Christmas!

We (Peter, Jess, Fiona and her friend Ianthe) are currently in Champéry, a small village in the Swiss Alps. It will be a white Christmas for us! It hasn't snowed since we arrived last Thursday, but there is still plenty of snow around. The weather has been quite mild, with temperatures around 4 degrees during the 3 hours of sunshine that bathe this valley.

The girls have tried their luck at skiing and snowboarding, along with the hoardes of other winter residents here. I have been cross-country skiing twice, but Peter is yet to venture into the world of winter sports. Perhaps some toboganning tomorrow.

Christmas Day is likely to be spent lazing around the chalet, which is very nice, with a beautiful view of the mountains. We have bought a turkey and all the usual trimmings, including some French champagne.

Merry Christmas everybody!!
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