Wednesday, January 3

Year 2006 in Cities

Following on from last year's list, here are the cities/towns we spent one or more nights in during 2006:

Paris, France
Rome, Italy
Ronda, Spain
La Linea de la Conception, Spain
El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain
Seville, Spain
Tavira, Portugal
Malaga, Spain
Grenoble, France
Entrecasteaux, France
Amsterdam, Netherlands
La Ciotat, France
Wiesloch, Germany
Barcelona, Spain
Arles, France
Washington D.C., USA
New York, USA
Madrid, Spain
Avila, Spain
Lleida, Spain
Genoa, Italy
Milan, Italy
Hydra, Greece
Athens, Greece
Lugano, Switzerland
Zermatt, Switzerland
Berlin, Germany
Melbourne, Australia
Adelaide, Australia
Brisbane, Australia

That's 30 compared to 19 during 2005! Peter is getting very good at finding cheap deals for travel, and driving holidays around Spain have certainly boosted the numbers. There are a few towns in France missing from the list where we stayed during our bike ride down the Rhone, and where Peter and Judy stayed during their drive down to Spain.

I'm going back to study at uni part-time this year, so with weekends to be devoted to studying, I am sure 2007's list of cities will be a lot shorter!

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batreg said...

That's one hell of a list to aspire to, I have only a fraction of those for last year including .... Glasgow, Edinburgh, Rome, Hong Kong (does spending the night asleep in the airport count?), Adelaide & Melbourne - fingers crossed for a more comprehensive list by the end of this year!!