Monday, May 9


Wow, what a city. It was a very quick glimpse as we only had 2 days and 2 nights to look around. Caught the TGV (fast train) there, which takes about 3.5 hours from Geneva and is tres comfortable. Our accommodation was excellent and only 25 min stroll to the centre. Managed to cram in the Musee d'Orsay, lots of walking, some French cuisine and an 10 hour bus and river tour of the major sites. Whoever's in the French flag business in Paris, should be doing very well.

Highlights for me were views from Eiffel Tower, cruising down the Seine and all that history. Best of all, we saved heaps to see for next time!

View of Champs de Mars
Champs de Mars

Peter with the original of our Monet
Peter with our Monet

Jess with Notre Dame in background
Jess with Notre Dame

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