Monday, August 22

A trip to the Swiss Capital

Pru & Jess in main market st of Bern

Last weekend saw our first trip to Switzerland's lovely capital Bern, about a 1.5 hr drive from Geneva. We were joined by Pru, a former colleague of Jess's, who was visiting us for a few days during her travels around Europe.

Our drive was guided by Jess's new GPS unit, complete with turn-by-turn voice instructions. Although the voice got a bit annoying, it was very effective in directing us from A to B and finding points of interest.

Swiss National ParliamentBern is a very nice city, with the medieval Old Town recognised as a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site, and over 6kms of covered shopping arcades. The rainy weather and limited time prevented us from seeing many of the major attractions, but we'll be back! We achieved our main aim of doing a tour of the National Parliament (pictured). It's an impressive building and we were given an interesting overview of the Swiss political system.

Pumpkin StallAfter the tour we headed back to Geneva, via Neuchatel, where there is yet another lake. This seems to be the vegetable growing region of Switzerland and we were thrilled to come across a roadside stall selling pumpkins. These have been out of season since we arrived and impossible to buy. Peter made pumpkin soup today - yum!


Gab said...

P&J - I'm so glad you enjoyed Bern; Andrea and I hold it as a real highlight of our trip so far. You didn't mention tasting any sugary waffles on your visit, but I hope it was included somewhere. They can't be beaten, and not for lack of trying.

alina727jonah said...

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Steve & Bev Matheson said...

Glad to hear Jess has taken Peter into the 21st Century with a GPS device.

Jess, I'm sure you are enjoying dependable voice instructions at last.

Did you use the GPS device to arbitrate on the best turnaround options when going the wrong way out of Geneva?!

batreg said...

I never thought I'd miss pumpkin but it's hard to come by in these parts - stock up! Apparently it's a halloween delicacy