Sunday, November 27

Snow in Geneva

Jess walks to work in the snowWell, the first snow of winter hit Geneva on Thursday night - about 10cms of it. This was most unexpected as we were told it doesn't usually snow here before Xmas. It seems that there's been a pattern of freak weather ever since we arrived!

It was so nice to step outside and find this carpet of clean white snow. We still walked to work, all rugged up in coats and gloves. It was cold, but very still and the fresh snow hardly even made our shoes wet. I'll have to get some decent walking boots so I can get some grip up killer hill.

Killer HillClick here for more of our 'snow' photos on Flickr.


Gab said...

Wow you guys sure did get some snowfall! We haven't had anything like that...yet, but I know it's coming soon.

I particularly enjoyed the toboggan pictures and I figure it would be a perfect way to get home (much more fun to go DOWN Peter's hellish hill!)

batreg said...

I love the snow - not on the killer hill though, I think you should get Peter to install a ski lift, much more user friendly!