Wednesday, December 13

We have arrived!

We have arrived safely in Adelaide. It was wonderful to have the family there waiting for us at the airport! We spent a lovely afternoon in Judy's backyard, catching up on things.

We first landed in Melbourne on Sunday evening, after delays in Zurich. It was great to see Kieren and Nikki, and spend the evening with them in their lovely place in Hawthorn. After the best breakfast we have had in ages (cooked by Kieren), we took a plane from Melbourne to Adelaide.

Australia is hot and dry - it's so nice to be home! We are having a great time and looking forward to catching up with more family and friends over the next four weeks.


kilabyte said...

Welcome home .... be it ever so humble ...........

Gab said...

Welcome home Gardners! I am not far behind you (pending any airport delays of my own) and I look forward to joining you for a crisp glass of white wine in the Aussie summer sun!