Monday, March 19

Brief visit to Rome

Jess in front of the ColloseumWe went to Rome earlier this month as I had a meeting to attend on the Monday and Tuesday. The weekend was spent partly finishing my uni assignment and doing a spot of sightseeing. We'd visited Rome with Simon in January last year, so we'd seen most of the major sights. Sunday was a beaufitul day, nearly 20 degrees, so we soaked up the good weather just wandering through the Roman fora and sitting in a cafe in the Piazza Trastevere. Bellissimo!

Here's a link to a few more photos.


batreg said...

Am jealous of your weekend jaunt -Rome is an all time favourite and the wather looks fantastic. Just right for walking the winding back streets and trying to find your hotel, or sipping away on a bottle of chianti ... ahhh Roma

kilabyte said...

My sentiments exactly Reggie ... viva Roma. Nostalgia time.

Peter Croft said...


Just came across your blog from the DEH Alumni magazine. Sounds like a fantastic experience and a most enjoyable lifestyle. Why would you come back?


Peter Croft