Monday, March 24

A walk around the lake

No matter what the weatherDespite windy conditions, snow and all that goes with it, we have walked for about 45 kilometres this weekend - that's about 9 hours worth! Walking has become our latest hobby and it's great. Up until now, cycling has been our "sport"of choice, but walking is rapidly overtaking it. Fresh air, spectacular views and the chance to re-discover nearby surroundings at a different pace.

View of Lake GenevaThe current plan is to follow Route 4 around the lake (Leman) from our place to Montreux. To date we are up to Morges, just outside of Lausanne, so we have another 40ish kilometres to go.

Chemin de St JacquesRoute 4 is also the Chemin de Saint Jacques de Compostelle (Way of Saint James), the Christian pilgrimage that starts at various points across Europe and leads to Santiago de Compostela in north-west Spain. However, we are following it in the opposite direction.

Village where we had lunch
Just to prove that the weather wasn't all bad, here's a picture of the cute village where we ate lunch, while bathed in sunshine.

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Amawalker said...

Sounds as though you are walking the Via Francigena - the old pilgrim route to Rome.
Last year I walked parts of it from Vevey to Gr St Bernard and then over into Italy to Rome.