Sunday, September 14

Road trip to Fromelles

This four-day road trip took us through Champagne to Fromelles, a small French village on the northern border with Belgium. This is somewhere we've been meaning to visit for a long time as it's the place where Peter's grandfather fought in WWI (see Battle of Fromelles). Peter doesn't know how many weeks his grandfather was actually in Fromelles - he contracted tuberculosis and was evacuated to England before the battle. After months of recovery, he returned safely to Australia and lived into his eighties.

After Fromelles, we drove through Belgium and France, staying in a lovely town called Givet in the northern most part of France.

This short video shows some of the pics we took over the weekend.

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Batreg said...

Great shots Gardner's, looks beautiful. I'm annoyed with myslef we didn't get to Fromelles it's an amazing part of our history, look forward to reading more about the trip?!