Saturday, January 31

Work trip to Ghana

Views from the car windowThe first days in my new job in social statistics were spent at a conference on gender statistics, being held in Accra, Ghana. It was a fantastic opportunity to visit the African continent for the first time and to spend four days discussing, learning and meeting people.

There was no time to see much of the city and surrounding countryside, but it was wonderful to get an idea of the culture by talking to locals at the meeting and taking in the sights on the drive between the hotel and conference centre each day.

Jess at the marketI managed to get to the national art centre a few times, which comprises lots of stalls selling goods to tourists. Luckily it opened at 7am each day, so I could get an hour's shopping in before starting work. Bought some lovely fabric, leather cushions, a basket, masks and other wooden ornaments.

The weather was hot and humid, also dusty, with the annual Hammatan winds blowing clouds of sand down from the Sahara.

Art Market in Accra
These are the guys who helped me spend my money at the art market. The people in Accra were very friendly and kind.

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