Sunday, September 4

Chez Gardner

It's been a busy summer at Chez Gardner, with many Australians dropping in for a visit whilst on their European holidays. We've really enjoyed their pleasant company and while I'm working hard at the office, Peter has the opportunity to hone his tour guide skills. The many visits to the shop at the Cailler chocolate factory are not helping our waistlines!

Last week Peter and Margaret, lovely friends of Peter's from his Canberra days, came to stay for a couple of nights. Despite the long flight from Australia, they arrived full of energy and we headed off to the UN Beach Club for dinner. The next day Peter took them on the obligatory chocolate factory tour, which they really enjoyed.

As well as entertain, we have been continuing to play tennis, go bike riding (see our other website) and I still manage to fit in time to work. The office has been quite busy with people now back from their summer break. Soon I will start getting involved in planning my first meeting (more like a conference really) which looks like being held in the US next year.

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