Monday, September 26

Lake Thun

Jess with the pigsWe recently went to visit Lake Thun in Central Switzerland for the weekend. Lakes Thun and Brienz are side by side with the town of Interlaken in the middle - about two hours drive from Geneva. The weather was not great but we were able to enjoy views of the countryside from the warmth of our car.

Peter found a nice hotel in Kattigren called Hotel Seeblick, which as it's name means in German, has fanstastic views over the lake. The highlight of our weekend was a visit to Ballenberg - an open air museum near Brienz. It's set in a beautiful forest and features nearly 100 houses/buildings from all over Switzerland. They have all been painstakingly deconstructed, transported, then reconstructed at Ballenberg. The different architecture mirrors the diversity of cultures that exists in Switzerland, and there are demonstrations of craft and building methods to show what it was like living here 100s of years ago.

Here are some photos on Flickr.

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