Saturday, June 17

And then...the World Cup!

Socceroos after their winYes, we were there! In Kaiserslautern to see Australia's first ever World Cup goal and win when they beat Japan 3-1. What a great experience it was! The stadium was packed. We would guess 15 -20,000 Australian supporters; certainly the biggest Aussie crowd we'd been part of for a long time. The view was great and the atmosphere electric. It was quite “goose bumpy” to hear our national anthem sung so far from home and a struggle to hold back the tears.

Crowd at Kaiserslautern Stadium It was thanks to Peter's persistence in applying for the ticket draws that we managed to get seats (105 Euros each). We were closer to the Japanese fan's corner than the Australians, but there was a mix of supporters from both sides. The Japanese are formidible barrackers, all chanting the same song and clapping in time. The Aussies were different – we just yell, and some can’t help themselves, they have to abuse the ref!!!

Aussie SumoWatching the match against Croatia on TV last Thursday has us addicted. I used to be puzzled at how anyone can maintain interest in a game where there is often no score,
but now I completely understand the attraction. It is sooooo exciting! However, I can only imagine being enthusiastic watching Australia play, and maybe Switzerland.

Looking forward to the match against Italy tomorrow! C'mon Aussies!!

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