Friday, June 30

At the beach

Peter and Fiona - La CiotatFiona is here for her second visit to Geneva. In a quest to see as much of the European dance scene as possible, Peter and she headed down to Marseille for their arts festival. Rather than stay in the big, horrible city that is Marseille, they spent their 5 days camping at La Ciotat, 30 minutes down the coast. Their days were spent in the sun and sea, and their evenings watching dance performances. Not a bad lifestyle!

Crowded beach at La CiotatIt was Fiona's birthday on Saturday, and I caught the train down to meet them. The TGV takes only 3.5 hrs to Marseille, whereas a car takes just over 5. We spent Saturday relaxing by the beach, swimming and wandering around the town. As you can see from the pic, French beaches are a bit different to Australian ones! Once we struggled to find a patch of sand to leave our things, we went into the water. It was lovely (cool, but not cold) and we enjoyed swimming in the sea for the first time since we left Oz.

Lounging around the campNext day I had to be dragged onto the train to go back to Geneva for work, whereas P & F were looking forward to 2 more days in the sun. Not fair!

Camping at La Ciotat was a great holiday for them. Fiona really enjoyed herself and is now completely in love with the European lifestyle.

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