Sunday, March 20

Moving House

It's been a busy weekend. We have moved into our groovy new apartment - it's even got a garden! Our furniture doesn't arrive until end of April so we've had to get a few things to tide us over. So it was off to IKEA (30 mins on the train from Geneva). It was my first IKEA experience and I was blown away! We managed to rush around the massive, packed shop and fill up our trolleys in under an hour. We got an outdoor setting (currently being used indoors), sofabed, lamps (as there are no light fittings in our flat!), crockery, cutlery, towels, sheets, etc! We then hired their van and raced down the motorway to drop it all off. Peter did a great job of driving - when he remembered to change the gears!

The weather's been great. It has been hovering around 20 degrees for the last few days. Incredible to think it was below zero and covered with snow only 2 weeks ago.

Andrea & Gabi (Peter's work colleagues from Adelaide) have come to stay. They arrived yesterday amidst our moving mess, and were fantastic help to put together all the IKEA stuff. They are with us for a few nights as part of their year long trip around Europe. It's been great to hear the stories of their travels so far.

Too tired to type more tonight - will post some pics of the new place soon!

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