Sunday, March 6

Sunday Lunch

Today we decided to head out into the snow to explore Geneva’s Old Town, and have our first Swiss restaurant meal. The Old town is absolutely gorgeous – it is surrounded by large fortified walls and has a maze of narrow cobblestone streets. Due to the cold, snow and hungry tummies, we only spent a short time exploring the area, but we definitely plan to return for a better look.

Lunch was a wonderful experience. After much searching we found a small restaurant on the banks of the River Rhone. We settled into the warm room for our first fondue meal and bottle of Swiss wine. The fondue was CHF 24 per person and we were encouraged by our waiter to also order an ‘air cured beef’ accompaniment for CHF 28 (yes we fell for it!).

Although expensive, the meal was great, and the refuge from the cold was most welcome. We were briefly entertained by a very drunk, cigar smoking man across the other side of the room who was tossing back the drinks. After smashing a couple of glasses and generally running amok, he left the restaurant, jumped into the BMW parked out the front and drove away!

We rounded off our meal with a fantastic café au lait (best coffee yet) and berries with icecream. After parting with CHF 135 (approx AUD$155), we ventured back out into the heaviest snow we’ve seen so far. We are now safely tucked away in our lovely warm apartment and feeling very relaxed.

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