Monday, March 28


We spent two nights in Zurich over the Easter weekend. It’s a gorgeous city and we enjoyed wandering around the Old Town, the area where we were staying. On the Saturday we went on a full day tour to the equally gorgeous city of Luzern, and then up to Mt Titlus, a 3020m high ski resort. 3000 metres is the permanent snow and ice level, so there’s skiing there all year round. The advanced slopes look incredibly dangerous, and are, with some visitors apparently not realising that schnapps and snowboarding aren’t a good mix.

We took the train to and from Zurich, a trip which took just under 3 hours and cost about 130 Francs each. 1st class is certainly comfortable and we almost had the entire carriage to ourselves. But, if we’re going to be able to afford frequent trips away, we figure it would be wiser to go 2nd class and save our money for when we get there.

Next weekend? Maybe a better look around Lausanne (about 60kms around the lake from Geneva) or perhaps a walk into neighbouring France.

On top of Mt Titlus (3020m)

Chapel Bridge, Luzern

Limmat River, Zurich


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