Thursday, June 30

Cycling on Route One

We've decided to cycle across Switzerland. A bit mountainous for cycling you think? For our introduction we've chosen National Route 1 - what a good place to start! Route 1 is a 308 km path that follows the River Rhone from Geneva to Andermatt in central Switzerland.

We have already covered the 60kms from Geneva to Lausanne in our famous CycloLeman Tour on June 12. Last weekend we added another 45 kms by riding from Aigle to Lausanne.

Camping at AigleTo make this seem like a holiday, we are combining our cycling with camping out in our very, very small tent. Jealous? Well, although it's not as comfy as home, our first camping experience at Aigle was great. The camping ground had fantastic views of the mountains every way you looked. You don't get to see much of a place driving through or stopping for lunch. Staying the night in the local van park provides a very different perspective.
The Van Park at Aigle
Sunset over AigleSunset over Aigle


Gab said...

I think it's a wonderful idea and the scenery is unbeatable. Good luck pedalling along - we will be thinking of you!

Chris O'Connor said...

Thanks Jess and Peter - we have arrived home and both feel like curling up for a week or so, in front of a fire or under a doona - it'sd a bit of a shock to the body going from gorgeous geneva weather and hospitality to home. Hugh is still talking about his wild times at the UN. thanks again!