Sunday, June 12

Geneva to Lausanne CycloTour Leman

Before the startJess and Peter completed the 60km Geneva to Lausanne leg of the CycloTour Leman (max distance 170k) in the credible time of 2hr 22min, at an average speed of 25.3k/hr. Given that they were on hybrid (combo mountain) bikes, and the training was less than perfect, this performance is nothing short of magnificent. Ok, we did finish 78 & 79 out of 87 riders for this leg (Peter was the 7th oldest!!). Starting lineThere were over 1,000 riders altogether & the ride was brilliantly organised. We were provided with a riding shirt (a bit tight for Peter....mmmm!!!), water bottle, drinks and food along the way & a hot pasta lunch at the end. At every roundabout (& do the Swiss love roundabouts!!) flag waving officials stopped the cars so the cyclists could speed through...we loved this & particularly the French couple who were applauding us yelling "Bravo!!" as we steamed up a hill near the end.

Finish line


Gab said...

Well done guys, that's fantastic! Great photo PG - and not as scary as the one I have seen of RJ and Big Al, one of whom is wearing speedos.

Jess & Peter said...

I can't believe I allowed that photo to be taken, let alone published! (Jess)