Thursday, June 23

Swiss Rail System Collapses

The Swiss trains weren't only late yesterday, they weren't running at all. For the first time in its history, the national rail system (SBB) suffered a complete breakdown, due to an unexplained power failure. Rumours are abound that Italy is to blame for not delivering enough electricity through to Switzerland, but an SBB spokesman has politely dismissed this.

About 100,000 people and 9,000 trains were affected by this incident. Not a problem for me - I walk to work. Thankfully for the train catchers, things are back on track this morning.

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Gab said...

See now I'm starting to doubt the alleged Swiss efficiency. My Geneva-bought Swatch watch has been losing time since I got it, and now the trains shut down - what next? And to blame Italy - very cheeky.

Of course, I wouldn't mind being stranded on the Swiss trains if the guards kept the Lindt chocolates coming.