Sunday, August 6

Cycling along the Rhone II

10kms to go!Last week we took five days to cycle along the River Rhone, from Lyon to the sea. A total of 370km! This has almost completed our ride along the Rhone, from the source, near Andermatt in Switzerland, to the sea (we have 40km at the start still to do). We did most of the Swiss section last summer, and started heading down river from Geneva in May.

It was almost all flat, very hot, but there was a nice strong tailwind. We carried our gear on our bikes, using the train to get to Lyon, our starting point, then the bus and train to get home from Port-St-Louis-du-Rhone.

Barrage-de-Loriol near le PouzinThis map of the main roads is not the exact route we followed, but it gives an idea of the areas we went through. More details to be posted on our Cycling in Europe website, when I get the time.

Click here to see a slideshow of photos from our trip.


kilabyte said...

Some great snaps in the slideshow. I didn't get a sense of how you carried all your gear on the bikes? Saw 1 pannier on Peter's bike but that was all. Got any photos of the bikes laden for travelling? How safe did you feel cycling on the roads? Having driven them I found it "frightening" at times. You and Peter certainly looked as though you were enjoying yourselves. Good blog (like most of them).


Peter said...

Nice to get a comment from someone we do not know. We had one pannier bag each. We travelled lightly, no food which is not a problem as villages are usually only 5-10km apart. French drivers are very respectful of cyclists (cycling is a national French pasttime). Although France does not have good cycle paths (except around ubiquitous roundabouts!!), we followed some cycle maps (only available in French) and were mostly on quiet roads, occassionally on paths where cars could not go & only rarely on busy secondary roads. These busy roads were the most unpleasant part of the trip, although we always felt safe. Switzerland has better paths along the Rhone, both in terms of markings and the off road component. We would highly recommend cycling in Europe. Most Australians experience of European roads is motorways or busy secondary roads....there is another world which is fantastic!!!! Peter